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He has one boy sucking his cock and another bound and gaged watching the action. Dusty Williams is the poor boy chained to the wall forced to watch his buddy Daxton Ryker get plowed by Redd. Hans Pounds Dusty Added: Hans Berlin is one horny German and he craves some American ass. Dusty Williams is more than happy to satisfy that craving. Hans face fucks Dusty to get his cock nice and hard so he can plow Dusty's hot ass.

After some hard drilling on the fuck bench, Hans hoists Dusty up in the swing sling and Locker Room Bottom Added: After a great workout, Dusty Williams heads to the locker room. He notices sexy Tony Bishop getting undressed next to his locker. When Dusty opens his locker, a huge black dildo falls onto the floor. Tony picks it up and waves it in Dusty's face while asking him "I guess you're a bottom, huh?

Red Fuck Table Added: Jeremy loves the taste of Dusty's ass so much, he sucks his ass juice right off Damon's cock when he slides it out of Dusty's ass. While Jeremy is plowing Dusty deep, he gets a surprise - Damon's big cock up gets Jeremiah pounds Dusty's furry ass with his 9 inch cock, then pulls out and feeds Dusty his own ass juice that is dripping from that hard dick.

Dusty sticks his hot tongue up Why is there a need for gay men to hang onto this fantasy that gay men sleep with women? Is it because many of us can't and would feel more "normal" or "mainstream" if we did? This all comes across to me as some sort of self-loathing. It was a rough day today.

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I had to take a couple of huge dicks up my ass but now I need some pussy. Let's fuck! This guy is an escort for men. Although there is an ad where he advertises for women, but really In the link below he says he doesn't escort.

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Bottom line He reminds me of that other porn star Caesar Derek Michaels who doesn't know what he is. I just view these guys as having trouble coming to terms with who they really are. Also, what type of women would become involved with such characters? I know some freaky women but please! He's an escort and she is an escort.

The most probable reason that they are "together" just might be their drug co-dependency. If you keep scrolling down and reading his comments, it's pretty clear that he regrets getting into porn:. Much less for a porn star who wants to get out. What alternative is there? But that bridge has been crossed already.

Arguing over the past is futile. I know it's harder to believe because of the greater taboo as regards male same-sex acts, but it doesn't shock me that a male gay porn performer has a female partner any more than it shocks me that women who do girl-on-girl scenes go home to a man. At the end of the day, it's a job.

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At the end of the day she'll be nothing but trouble, and there's trouble for all when there's trouble for one. Our bodies operate at infrasound frequencies. Wireless celltowers can create, manipulate, and transmit just about any frequency imaginable to program our brains and to create or mimic health issues. The satellites are mostly to help keep track of us. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs.

Was never really a fan but still very sorry to hear this. I wish him well. I had no idea he was gay-for-pay. I gues he's coming out as a bottom, too. Is Cody Cummings okay?

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He has a retard neck tattoo. What do you think? I can hardly believe he's gay for pay. Funniest parody post ever! Who the hell pays for porn? I'm downloading bootlegs as I type. Pity about the whore. You sound really charming, R Thanks, Sarcasm neophyte! R17 has serious mental problems. So did he get it from her, or give it to her? I don't know who this person is. What sites does he appear on?

Next Door World, r If that review of his escorting is accurate, he's unlikely to have got it from escorting. It is possible for a receptive partner i. Not everyone who uses an escort reviews. He took it up the ass raw at a party for 'entertainment'. I was there. I saw it. Doubt he is gay for pay, gay in denial maybe. And yet he'd use a condom with a client for oral? I suppose drug use would explain the discrepancy. Was it a private party or in a club? Was the top another porn actor? Private party and no it was not a porn actor, it was a guest who was an exhibitionist.

He had biohazard tats. But I guess some people just get them for the design. Rod Daily for Andrew Christian underwear see link below. All he has to do is change his name to Rod Deadly and he's good to go. Rod Daily is a clever porn name. One of the hazards of the biz.

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  6. Thankfully some studios do testing and quarantining before filming a scene. He is bisexual. Some of you seem to be unaware of the concept.

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    Bisexual males never end up well. I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Scroll half way down to see. Movie is called piss pig by Lucas. Very hard for a woman to pass HIV to a man via vaginal sex. Rod probably picked it up from one of his escorting clients and passed it on to his girlfriend. Are you talking about the initial infection period?

    I hope Xander does get HIV. Yes, R LOL R Being gay is shameful for many gay men. Oh my GAWD.